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A list of all the scripts I've written... (good and bad)

I didn't start writing scripts until college in 2016.  I knew that I wanted to direct film and television shows and figured the easiest route to that end was to write my own projects. 

A couple months before college I wrote a script that I thought would be commercial, easy to write, and easy to direct. I came up with this crazy idea of making a vampire film with dance. While doing research on the topic, I came across a Manga comic book serices called "Vampire Cheerleaders" and reached out to the creator. He allowed me one year to write a script and pitch to production companies. 

My first draft was god-awful, and after five additional drafts, I sent a copy to the author for review. The whole process took over a year, and by that time I had written and produced my hip-hop musical short film REPAIRations!, the one-year deal was over.

Since that time, I've written feature films, short films, comedy sketches, and television shows covering everything from sci-fi, musicals, to comedy, to drama. 

Several times I've made the mistake of writing what I thought would be commercial enough to sell, instead of writing a script I would want to watch on television or a theater. 

Now I focus on the balance of writing something artistic with commercial appeal. It's a fine balance, but one I'm getting better at. 

Some scripts are written slow, others quickly (two weeks for a first draft), depending on the topic. Usually, I create a short story and write an outline. I find that doing so allows me to understand the world better.

As I complete additional scripts, I'll update this list. 

So here it is, off the top of my head: Every script I can remember writing.

13th Step

The First


Don't Judge Me

A Christmas Musical

A Friend Among Enemies

Belle Of The Ball

Born To Die

Quincey Jones Biopic

The Garage


The Scan

Black Earth Wisconsin

Fired For Christmas

Get The Girl

Hitler's Women

Work Husband

Charge Wars

Emerald Triangle

Hot Mess


Like And Subscribe

No Ho


Mystic Furer

Stars Fell On Alabama

The Tenant

Training Day

Blues Bros.

Uber Nights

Six Hundred and Sixty Six

The Dance Agency


A Good Bet

Rock Bottom

Body Count  

Meal, Copy, Credit 

Christmas Musical

Vampire Cheerleaders



Edit Her 

The Johnsons 

Death Camp