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A list of all the scripts I've written... (good and bad)

I didn't start writing scripts until college in 2016.  I knew that I wanted to direct film and television shows and figured the easiest route to that end was to write my own projects. 

A couple months before college I wrote a script that I thought would be commercial, easy to write, and easy to direct. I came up with this crazy idea of making a vampire film with dance. While doing research on the topic, I came across a Manga comic book serices called "Vampire Cheerleaders" and reached out to the creator. He allowed me one year to write a script and pitch to production companies. 

My first draft was god-awful, and after five additional drafts, I sent a copy to the author for review. The whole process took over a year, and by that time I had written and produced my hip-hop musical short film REPAIRations!, the one-year deal was over.

Since that time, I've written feature films, short films, comedy sketches, and television shows covering everything from sci-fi, musicals, to comedy, to drama. 

Several times I've made the mistake of writing what I thought would be commercial enough to sell, instead of writing a script I would want to watch on television or a theater. 

Now I focus on the balance of writing something artistic with commercial appeal. It's a fine balance, but one I'm getting better at. 

Some scripts are written slow, others quickly (two weeks for a first draft), depending on the topic. Usually, I create a short story and write an outline. I find that doing so allows me to understand the world better.

As I complete additional scripts, I'll update this list. 

So here it is, off the top of my head: Every script I can remember writing.

13th Step

Work Husband

Charge Wars

Emerald Triangle

Bring It

Donny Dimensional

Ghost Rap

The Scan

Six Hundred and Sixty Six

The Dance Agency


A Good Bet

Currentcy Wars


Rock Bottom - A father tries to shield his wife's alcoholism from his daughter as his marriage disentagrates.

Drone On - A pot loveing mechanical engineer must decide over attending school in Colorado and Califorinia for two things, her Masters Degree and an unlimted supply of weed. 

Body Count - 

Meal, Copy, Credit 

Christmas Musical

Vampire Cheerleaders


Edit Her - A social media video editor becomes obsessed with the social media influencer he works for and forces her to do things on video after her pet goes missing.

The Johnsons - Follows the lives of three generations of African American families as they navigate their way through an ever changing national landscape.

Death Camp -